Farmer's Porch Addition

The Background

The new owners of this 2-story home knew it had a lot going for it – a fantastic neighborhood, excellent schools, lots of living space, and a freshly renovated interior that they loved… but weren’t thrilled with its exterior. They bought it anyway and called us immediately for help.

It turned out that the previous owner had added a second story to the former single-story ranch, but they had overlooked some key design details, and the result didn’t look quite right… more like two different houses stacked on top of each other.

The Renovation

Since the new owners loved outdoor living spaces, we felt that a great way to unify the two levels would be to add a deep farmer’s porch across the entire front of the house. We also made a few other improvements, like enlarging the windows on the first floor, enhancing a few exterior trim details, and repainting the entire house to improve the overall aesthetic further.