We believe in the art of building.

Nile Ziemba

Nile Ziemba believes in thoughtful and deliberate craftsmanship to create a unique home for every client.

North River Builders began 20 years ago with a love for building, a passion for great design, and a strong commitment to improve the residential construction experience.

Our Team

Our team members have extensive knowledge, a wide range of experience, and varied backgrounds and interests. We are well versed in time-tested building techniques developed by generations of master carpenters. We continually build on that knowledge with research into the latest materials, products, and innovative building techniques. We are makers and creative thinkers who have the capacity to build your dream project.

Communication = Success

North River Builders believes in keeping our quality-minded clients informed about their projects every step of the way. Our CoConstruct project management software provides a personal dashboard and access to your project’s progress at all times. You can log in 24/7 to communicate, see photos, and review project status.

Operational Strength

Nile Ziemba runs North River Builders with a deep commitment to vision, transparency, teamwork, and access to leadership. He moves the organization forward in a spirit of service to employees, not self-interest, using objectives, milestones, timelines, outlined responsibilities and more. That means fair wages, regular work hours, and deep respect form the foundation of NRB job sites.